A History of 1110 Marshall


Enumclaw Laundry

The building Headworks Brewery is housed in originally was home to Enumclaw laundry. The brick building was built in 1927, and today, the original bricks remain. Enumclaw laundry first opened in 1913. Shown here is the original building. The house in the background still stands today across the street.

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Hops on the Plateau

During the 1880’s a settlement boom occurred on the Plateau due to railroad construction and the Pacific Northwest Hops Boom. Land was cleared for farming, and lumber mills sprang up. During this time the Plateau was wooded with winding smoke plumes dotting the horizon as brush was cleared. In 1885 Northern Pacific Railroad laid their main rail line through the Plateau on land donated by Frank and Mary Stevenson, who constructed a hotel and Mary’s father built a saloon.

Most of the hops industry was devastated in the 1890s due to a widespread aphid infestation. Few farmers continued to raise hops in the area and most switched to dairying, berry, vegetable crops.

Hops production required large hop kilns which typically had pyramidal roofs. Although hops were a primary economic engine on the Plateau at this time, no hop kilns remain today.

Historical photos of hop kilns on the plateau, where the hops were dried. No kilns remain today on the Plateau.

Headworks Brewery

1110 Marshall after Headworks purchased it. New windows, doors, floors, bathrooms, electrical, plumbing and more were installed after the building was retrofitted.