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We began this journey in 2014 with the dream to one day share our creations with you. In 2015 we acquired the old Enumclaw Laundromat at 1110 Marshall Ave. We wanted to help restore an iconic building and create a space for our friends and community to gather and share great stories, great times, and great beer.

While our building had amazing potential, it was in need of renovations. We set to work rehabilitating the space while taking great care to preserve the existing brick and timber. Inside, we strove to create a welcoming space by installing new floors, bathrooms, bar tops, lighting, and tables.

While we made progress on our space, we perfected our craft recipes. While we can’t reveal our secrets, we can revel in our handcrafted, small batch beers. We can’t wait to share them with you.


our beer

IPA, Double IPA, White Whit, Amber, Porter, Brown, Lager, Stout, Sour, Seasonal, Bourbon Barrel Infused… we’re serving them all.


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