Headworks Brewing

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Hey, we’re open! Check back here often to see what’s brewing. And, check out our Crowlers. Cheers!



American Hefe

ABV 4.0 IBU 40

Our Hefeweizen has a light malt character with a clean, dry finish.


ABV 4.5 IBU 20

Sweet lemon aroma followed by a light malt body and a lemony tang. Refreshing!

Marshall Pils

ABV 4.6 IBU 34

Light and crisp. Bready and herbal. A well balanced Pilsner with Czech hops.

St. Paddy’s Pils - Green and on tap until Sunday!

ABV 4.6 IBU 34

Light and crisp. Bready and herbal. A well balanced Pilsner with Czech hops.


1110 Citra IPA

ABV 7 IBU 80

Sweet malt base balances the Citra hops giving a nice aroma and citrusy flavor with little bitter bite. Crafted with aroma and flavor in mind, even non-IPA lovers like this one.

Snowmagedon IPA

ABV 6.5 IBU 80

Born in the snowstorm of 2019! A decidedly hoppy and bitter, moderately strong American pale ale. The balance is hop-forward, with a dryish finish.


Railroad Red

ABV 6.1 IBU 31

An Amber with floral, tropical fruit aroma that is balanced by caramel malt sweetness. A light body, light hop bitterness, and hints of fruit finish with slight alcohol warmth.


ABV 6.1 IBU 34

With a roasted chocolate and coffee aroma giving way to a sweet, bready, coffee flavor. Medium bitterness and a dry finish. Our Northwest take on a Porter.


Amazillo Imperial IPA

ABV 8.9, IBU 90

A malty, medium body hints of fruitiness with strong floral notes. Our Double IPA has a smooth, warm finish.

Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout - on tap beginning Sunday, 3/17

ABV 11, IBU 73

Our Imperial Stout aged in oak barrels from Pursuit Distilling. Smooth vanilla and dark chocolate flavors. Dessert beer!

Imperial Stout

ABV 10, IBU 73

Deep, dark and robust. It’s dark roast aroma and flavor greets your senses and lingers on your palate. It’s so dark it will make you morning espresso seem weak. Not for the faint of heart!


Rotating Ciders. They’re pretty good.